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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

I think that ethics are ones values, beliefs, morals and are derived from ones

up-bringing, family values, customs and beliefs. Environment may influence

one’s ethics and values. Ethics are put into play when you are placed in a situation which you

do not feel comfortable in or when you feel that something or someone is not behaving in

accordance with society’s customary guidelines. Ethical behaviors may be taught to individuals i.e. in a company setting, by parents and other family members, and teachers. At home I try to stay abreast of ethical issues that are prevalent in today’s society.

Personal Values

. My ethics are to conduct myself in a manner which always sets an example, to respect the rights of others, and to treat others with respect and dignity. Additionally, my ethics are to obey the laws of our society and to teach my children acceptable ethical behaviors. My personal values maybe different from other individual’s values and will reflect my experiences. In the workplace personal values should be aligned with organizational values to ensure that integrity, the company’s mission and vision is foremost.

Organizational Values

My ethics are manifested in my behavior at home and on-the-job. On-the-job I make sure

that I adhere to all company policies i.e. contractual guidelines, government policies, and

business ethics policies. My company places extreme emphasis on its employees always adhering to and setting high ethical standards. Because of my company’s high ethical standards our company’s image in the department of defense is highly recognized and respected. I am expected to exhibit high ethical values and always remember the company’s ethics policies. I must attend annual ethics training and meet all contractual requirements. When faced with an ethical dilemma during the performance of my job duties, I am expected to always meet or exceed my company’s ethical standards and all set a good example for others to follow. This is extremely important when working on government or department of defense contracts. “The best way to handle ethical dilemmas is to avoid their occurrence in the first place. That's why practices such as developing codes of ethics and codes of conduct are so important. Their development sensitizes employees to ethical considerations and minimize the chances of unethical behavior occurring in the first place.”(2006, www.

Cultural Values

Cultural values play a major role in decision making both in my personal and professional life. Coming from a military culture I have always strived to set a good example for myself and my subordinates. Cultural values are extremely important and individuals must understand their roles both personally and professionally as it pertains to ethics. In some cultures when during business it is perfectly acceptable to except expensive gifts from customers. In my organization because a large portion of

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