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Discuss the Effects of Social Change on a Company’s Personnel Policies. Illustrate Some Aspects of Your Answer with Reference to a Company You Are Familiar With

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Discuss the effects of social change on a company’s personnel policies. Illustrate some aspects of your answer with reference to a company you are familiar with.


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We have entered an essential new phase in the ongoing information technology revolution. Telecommunications, computation, and new satellite technology, are coming together with a speed and effectiveness never before imagined, followed by innovations that will create deep effects not only on people’s daily lives but on our society and its institutions.

The history of technology and social change shows us that the outcomes of technology innovation often overpower the desired and predicted changes. An example of this technological innovation is the teleworking that its implementation led to many social changes.

This project is going to analyse the social changes that may occur through the adoption of a new technology and its impact to the personnel policies. Specifically the author is going to analyse how the social environment is influenced by an innovation and what are the impacts of social change to the personnel. There will be an analysis of the teleworking system that influenced the personnel and the author will examine the case of Siemens that adopted teleworking

Main Body

Nowadays the development of technology that is easily applied to a working environment has influenced the way that people work.

Specifically the last years a lot of innovations concerning technology opened the way for many kind of occupation. For instance the appearance of teleworking helped people to work from their home and to earn money easily and on the other hand reduced the costs of the companies as the personnel was reduced and many worked from their homes.

The appearance of such technology led to a great social change and facilitation as people had the opportunity to change their way of life and to leisure from their home without being obliged to go to their office.

Notion of teleworking

Teleworking has to do with the employee working from a distance from the employer or traditional place of work through the use of telecommunications such as email, phone, fax or television. These means are the tool that maintains contact with employers. A lot of companies have adopted this technique so as to facilitate their personnel .

Teleworking is a new way of organising working arrangements. Teleworking is referred to self-employed workers with several clients who may spend all of their working time from home. Moreover has to do to direct employees of companies who communicate by working all or part of their working week from home.

People the last years had change their way of living due to developments in information technology and telecommunication services that have influenced a range of jobs, which are conducted away from the traditional office environment.

A lot of European countries dynamically encourage telecommuting as public policy in order to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution. Specifically in Ireland although there was a huge growth in the telemarketing and teleservices, the home-based teleworker is not as yet a widespread fact. On the other hand Irish companies who have implement teleworking arrangements for employees have mostly done so on an ad hoc basis by following individual requirements from employees.

The benefits

The adoption of teleworking by companies led to a lot of benefits the personnel, company and society generally. Specifically personnel have the opportunity to work from its home a fact that allows him to deal with other facilities too. Teleworking can provide a solution to the problems of office expansion. Moreover allow people to be more productive by working from their homes

Another benefit of teleworking is the creation of better communications through new technology such as mail. Additionally teleworking leads to a reduced traffic a fact that creates better environmental policy.

We have to point out personnel through teleworking can schedule their working hours a fact that allows them to deal with other facts too. Additionally they have

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