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Does This Strategy Improve This McDonald’s Image?

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Does this strategy improve this McDonald’s image?

Yes, I do think this strategy improves McDonald’s image. I think the restaurant has a good image of being time efficient. However, I think that is about all most people like about McDonald’s. Often the orders are mixed up, the food is less than delicious, and I do not think the employees are thought of as “kind and friendly” as in the case of this location. In fact, I think that Patty could use her employees friendless with the seniors in a marketing strategy to show the younger crowd how this location has achieved the kind and friendly feel of a small business, while still maintaining the fast part of fast food.

What should she do about the senior citizen market –that is, should she encourage, ignore, or discourage her seniors?

McDonald’s has brand recognition and therefore a customer base I think will continue regardless of the seniors taking over the mornings. Patty should encourage this and market “Senior mornings” by giving a time frame for discounts and bingo. By adding a quite definitive beginning and ending time for this crowd, (ex: senior mornings 6-10) she could keep this bunch and still have them clear for the lunch crowd. She should utilize the growing crowd to generate more revenue within that demographic. But, maintain their exit before the younger crowd comes in for the lunch rush.

What should she do about the bingo idea?

I do think providing bingo is a good idea. I think it would encourage more people to come and create more revenue from those who are just sitting. The bingo could start toward the end of the senior morning. Offer the free coffee

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