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Duplex Copiers Canada Limited

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Assignment 1-Total compensation

Case study 1 (Duplox Copiers Canada Limited)


Ans.  The contextual variables that are impacting this firm are environment, business strategy, size, technology, work force. The first variable that impacting the firm is environment because environment of the organization is not stable. Everything for example, revenue and profits are going down, complaints are increasing, and employee’s morale is decreasing. Second variable that impacts the firm is business strategy. The strategy the firm is using classical. If the environment is highly unstable the classical strategy doesn’t work. Third, technology used by firm is also impacting to it. There are multiple complaints about machine damage and declining the quality of machines. Fourth, the size of the organization is large that put impact on the organization because it is difficult to manage different parts of organization with one managerial strategy. Last, the nature of the workforce also impacts the organization because technical specialists do not show the interest and skills towards their work.


Ans. Structural variable:

The organization structure has various structural variable that are used to produce the behaviour the organizations expectations. For example: job design, coordination and departmentation, decision-making and leadership structure, control structure reward system.


Ans. The managerial strategy that is being used in the organization is classical. The environment is less workable, and employees are less trusted to perform well. Therefore, all the management is arranged in hierarchy and the all job responsibilities and work system are planned and defined in detail. In this organization all the coordination is handled vertically by chief executive officer which is superior one. There are different departments organized by function for example, Technical service department, Marketing department, and Technical training and support department. In this firm head officer made the decisions and branch level management transmit them to the branches and supervisor enforce them. Therefore, classical strategy is well used in this firm


Ans. There are numerous problems that are being faced by organization. For an instance, performance problems: the employee’s discipline goes down and turnover is getting up; company faces many complaints and the rate of customer satisfaction is declining day by day. Moreover, the biggest problem company is facing that the revenue and profit is fall off. In addition, diminishing the interest of employees toward work is also a massive problem in organization. The company wants a kind of attitude by employees that they could involve and contribute themselves with team spirit into the working environment that helps to accomplishment of he goals of the company.

Ques. 5

Ans. The components od existing compensation and benefit system are as following

Base pay: The base pay is initial rate of compensation that does not include any extra benefits such as overtime, bonuses, and other allowances. In this firm training service specialists’ employees are getting base pay that is flat monthly salary.

Overtime: The TSS are also getting overtime along with flat monthly pay. Overtime is given to the TSS according to law. That is if they work more than 8 hours a day and more than 40 hours in a week.

Performance pay: The employees are also getting performance pay. Employees get performance pay if they perform well and meet the desire productivity and expense standard of the company. They get the performance pay every year by the

Bonus: the company also provide the bonuses to the employees. The director of technical service, regional manager and branch service managers are getting bonused with salary that depends upon the productivity got by technical service specialists and expense should be lower than standards.

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