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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

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HEPSİBURADA.COM is the first Turkish online e-commerce company which has been inspired by other companies are serving to their customers in the digital platform fastly and easily in other countries. The company has founded by Hanzade Dogan Boyner who is a successful entrepreneur and business woman  in 2001. Company has started and brought advantages of online shopping in Turkey.

        Company has been selected the best e-commerce brand in years 2011,2012 and 2013, also selected the best e-commerce website in 2013. Hepsiburada is the most visited website and the most-known online shopping address in Turkey. Besides, the name and jingle of company might be provided all e-commerce sector known as This helped company to be most searched and clicked website in Turkey. also helps anybody who wants to sell their own handmade product on the internet. This can be chance for the individuals who may not open their online shopping website or could make more trustful in digital platform. Because usually customers don’t want to buy any product which they don’t see , touch or try. This website’s power is helping these entrepreneurs to reach customers in the warranty of

        Their another aim and purpose is allowing women in society get stronger. The website of the company has a special place with a title of “Entrepreneur Women” to encourage women to be sharing their ideas. Group also offering entrepreneurship courses for girls and women to increase their confidence and to help them for their goals.

        Shipment service also is very developed in For urgent orders or fast delivery requests, company helps customers with their Express service by delivering order in one or two days. Also, offers shipment fort he customers who live in abroad with a price table which they may look and may be sure that how much they pay if they order from

The company made an innovation in Turkey with making connection between sellers and consumers and with this chain everything in shopping became easier. Company succeed an organizational innovation with a wide supply chain opportunity. Theoretically, innovation could be described as a Technological Process Innovation for the terms of literature. At the time that digital era has just started, the company created a new challenge and they changed functionality of internet in Turkey.

For literature, we may also mention business model components and values of e-commerce sector below:

- Value network(supplier/partners)

- Value propositions

- Revenue/Pricing

- Product/Service flows

In Turkey and Eastern Europe countries, customer behaviors are different than North America or Asia. Almost 10% less consumers choose to buy products online in Eastern Europe. This is a part of side that online shopping companies need to concentrate for the reasons.

When customers decide to buy, the most important attribution is pricing. If online e-commerce company gives better price than the store 36% of customers select online shopping. Besides, delivery options, payment options and security, stock availability and return policies are the other important attributes concerning in online shopping.

In Eastern Europe and Turkey, also responds are very less than the other regions. Only %26 of customers are sharing their experience with the others. The most useful platform is seller website and Facebook. And the other social media platforms are following these such as twitter, whatsapp and Instagram. In Turkey, also the most common responds according to service, quality and experiences, it is possible to find in some forum websites such as “eksisozluk”.

The generation of X is the most common customer of and the other e-commerce websites. Surely, in this case, knowledge of technology, trusting to the companies, price searching are very important points of this difference. In metropol cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, due to fast delivery chance and population and such website are more preferred. Fort he consumers, one of the most important thing is availability to reach 24 hours. Sometimes customers may not find time in day and workers usually prefer to purchase in front of their office computer. This may help to save time and to avoid themselves from the crowds.

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