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Environmental Analysis

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Environmental Analysis

While scanning the environment, it is apparent that Central Park Hotel needs to be updated with technology that is available in today’s world. Due to the rapid changes is today’s marketplace and new and emerging business practices, it is easy for an organization to fall behind by not keeping up in areas such as technology, regulations, and various rising trends (Albright 2004). In today’s world, the World Wide Web is becoming a part of everyday life. People are paying bills online, booking hotel reservations and plane tickets online, gathering information online, chatting online and even taking courses online. Using the World Wide Web seems to be the trend that will never go away. Environmental scanning will help the Central Park Hotel learn about the potential influences from external environments such as other restaurants and motels who benefit from using the internet to promote their businesses and how they have responded strategically (Albright 2004).

The Problem/Opportunity

Central Park Hotel does not have a website that can be useful in giving information to customers who have never been there. Customers cannot obtain information without picking up the telephone and in most cases, making a long distance call to get the information that they need. Central Park Hotel information will become readily available world-wide by making all information available on a website. This information includes prices for the hotel rooms and the amenities, what kind of food is offered and pictures of what things look like in the rooms and the dining rooms, to give the general atmosphere that is presented at the hotel. The great [The word "great" is considered informal for academic writing. ] thing about the internet is that one can paint a picture in one’s mind about what is available at the place of business.

The Risks

The goal of making a website for Central may be difficult. It will take a person with a basic knowledge of the internet and its possibilities. Making a website for the hotel will also cost money and making sure that the benefits will out weigh the costs is also essential in convincing the owner to take action in the new technological era. Durability is how rapid the resource will depreciate (Pearce & Robinson 2005). The website is going to cost more than the owner would like to spend on advertisement. However, if it can be proven that the benefits will out weigh the costs and prove that the durability will be strong, the owner just might be convinced that it will be worth the money and time to put into venture. The person creating the website must also be creative in capturing the attention of the potential visitors. Being practical, productive and cost efficient is essential in creating this website. Research needs to be done to compare prices for websites and the availability of the websites must be seen by the viewers without a problem.

Information Needed

Information sources for environmental scanning include external and internal information. External information can include a wide range of materials including newspaper articles, internet sources, journals, magazines, television, radio, or even customers (Albright 2004). Internal sources can include organization specific information that can be compared to the findings of external scanning in order to maximize organizational responsiveness (Albright 2004). Internal information can come from employees, managers, internal reports or personal contacts. A key external factor for scanning the environment is technology such as the internet. The emergence of new technologies can impact organizations’ overall business and production processes (Albright, 2004). Researching other businesses success with the internet is also necessary to know what information to include within the website. The research that will be done before the website is created will include the cost of the site. Information about the surrounding areas and local attractions

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