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Ethical and Moral Dilemma in Hospitality Industry

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          Ethical and moral dilemma in hospitality industry

In the 21st century, with the development of technology and innovation, people have moved beyond how to live, but more concerned about the enjoyment and entertainment. Therefore, the hospitality and tourism is benefited. Moreover, this kind advantage is expanded due to the process of globalization. However, it also causes some complicated, incompatible, controversial and serious ethics dilemmas that has already influenced or will influence long-term and better development of hospitality industry. Based on the United Nations Global Compact website, the globalization process do brings some issues or ethical dilemmas not only for the hospitality but also for other opening-up business and industries. It is considered that ethical dilemmas in business are in the same age as business itself ((Roxas & Stoneback, 1997). These influences are reflected in human rights, labour, environment and corruption aspects. For example, in some third countries, some people are forced to work longer hours without extra payment. This is related to the labour aspect. Another case is the more serious environmental problems in the modern industries. Exactly the environmental dilemmas that especially in hospitality will be the core of this report and be illustrated by the author. Besides, some principles will be mentioned.

Tourism industry is the largest industry in the world and stimulates economic development (Olsen, 1996). A lot of places are benefited by the tourism. However, environment issues are menacing especially in some resorts like Maldives. The video Waste in the Maldives illustrates the increasing environment pollution and waste problems in local. Even though tourists bring the economic wealth in Maldives, they do not have the room or place to handle the rubbish especially the plastics, which makes the serious pollution and ruins the local environment. The reason is that Maldives are made by some islands, they do not produce things but import almost everything. Besides, the government does not take effective measures to deal with the dilemmas. As the consequences, people could see much garbage is floating in the see, which has the negative image that totally different from the paradise in people’s mind. Moreover, the pollution destroys local sea system, the fishes are not healthy and fresh anymore, but the tourists’ purpose is to enjoy the beautiful views and healthy food. These two bad influences will be a consideration of the people’ choices. Not only in the Maldives, many other places in the world have the same environmental dilemmas. On the one hand, tourism industry promotes the economy. One the other hand, the environment dilemmas restrict the tourism industry. Therefore it can be said environment dilemmas and hospitality are interacted. If people choose to develop the hospitality, the environment dilemmas cannot be avoided. The thing needs to be done is to deal with environment dilemmas appropriately so that hospitality could make further progress.

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