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Factors in Sports Flattening the World

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Friedman’s 10 Factors that made the Sports world flat

#1 The fall of the Berlin Wall may have helped flatten the sports world only by breaking down the barrier between east and west Germany and allowing teams in Europe and across the world to try and forget religious, political or any other different beliefs come in-between teams in any sport.

#2 + #3 +#4+9+10 The invention of the internet and work flow software along with uploading were huge factors in the flattening of the sports world. What this allowed was information about players, teams, programs, and sports to be shared across the world through websites, emails, spreadsheets and graphs and more. It opened up opportunities for players on the opposite side of the world to know what the game of basketball was and what the NBA is about. It allowed the MLB to learn about players in Japan. It allows America follow the world’s most popular game soccer a lot easier. It has made it easier for everyone worldwide to better understand sport and what it brings to each person, each country, and each part of the world. It allows GM’s to upload a video of a foreign player and decide if its something that they need for their team. It allows a coach from Europe to share a play or idea with a coach in Asia in the matter of seconds. Not only that, but uploading has given every person in the world the chance to be a part of the sport. Though it may be through a video game or other type of program such as fantasy sports, but it makes every person feel as though they are taking part in the sport. Also with the addition of the internet being used on PDA’s and Cell phones, its easier and easier to find out all that you would ever need to know from any sport in the world. It makes being well informed as easy as picking up the newspaper in the morning.

#5 + #6 Outsourcing give value to countries that need it the most. Giving economic status to the countries that needed the most allows people to fund their interests in sports and develop programs in the sports world

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