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List Three Goals That You Have for Yourself Right Now

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  1. Please list three goals that you have for yourself right now.
  1. The first goal for me is attending the leadership program for Ernst & Young Company. It would be a short-term goal that I would try to accomplish before my senior year. The reason why it is my goal is because I want to improve my leadership skills through this program. The opportunities on-campus are too limited for being a leader, basically just to be a part of the program. Ernst & Young is an accounting firm, therefore, their leadership program is a great chance for me to build up the concept of what a leader should do. And as far as I concerned, to be an excellent leader, you should have great leadership skills, which is more important than your technique skills. Also, attending the leadership program is not an easy thing to do because there are still a lot of competitors, and most of them are students like me. So I feel like this is my goal that I could challenge myself and learn more stuff.
  2. The second goal for me is a long-term goal that I want to finish the marathon once. The reason why I want to do this is because I really want to challenge myself once through the marathon. Because I do not like exercising, especially running. I quit every time when I have to run in the P.E class. And the marathon is a good way to test if I can hang on if I meet something really difficult that it is hard to accomplish. In another way, I set this goal is because I want to get over my weakness and to face the difficulties, which is also good for the major accounting I want to learn. From what I heard, learning accounting and working as accountants usually works a lot more hours in a week than others. It is a big difficulty for me because I do not get used to working for a long time. Therefore, I want to slowly improve myself by facing up my weakness and trying to make some progress.
  3. The third goal for me is to be a partner of Ernst & Young audit group and bring in some big clients like Coca-Cola. This is a challenging step, which is basically why I pick this as my goal. As we all know, E&Y is one of the biggest four accounting firms, and to be a full-time employee is really competitive since there are so many outstanding people. Therefore, to be the partner of the audit group is a huge challenge for me. However, it is a goal that encourages me to improve many skills and my knowledge, and to broaden my network. Therefore, I would work really hard and to find more opportunities to accomplish my goal.

  1. Please list three things that you are proud of having done.
  1. One of the things I am proud of having done would be that I helped little girls from Girls Scott sell the cookies for fundraising. The reason why I am proud of having it done is because I helped the girls raised almost 400 dollars that exceed the goal they had. I had to split the big work for them that I taught some of them memorize the different flavors of cookies, and some of them to attract the customers in front of the Walmart. The result turns out that my work was successful. The process of helping them made me become more organized and structured. I believe that one of the important skills of the accountants would be good organization skills. The accountants have to deal with a great deal of paperwork and data, therefore, to be one of them requires me to be organized and structured. So I think the activity really helped me improve it.
  2. Another thing makes me feel proud would be that I won the award of the best student in the Algebra 3 classes in the senior year of high school. I am really proud of myself because and I was the only one who was prized out of 200 students in that class. I got the prize because I barely made mistakes in both exams and homework. It not only indicates that I am really sensitive with numbers and calculating, but also really accurate. To be an accountant, accuracy is really necessary because the work you do is for the internal and external decision makers. Thus, I am proud that I once got the award for the accurate skills.
  3. The third thing I would recall is that I feel really proud that I worked with the members from the world middle school football committee. It happened in summer last year, and I was lucky to assist the committee to hold a conference about football that several directors from different countries attended. Due to the language problem, I helped them with different needs during the conference, such as translating and coordinating. And this experience really helped me prepare the accounting major I want to apply due to the communication skills that I had improved. It is well-known that accountants have to meet with clients and managers all the time, so both the verbal and writing skills have to be qualified. I am still trying to improve my communication skills, however, this opportunity really helped me make some progress.
  1. Please write a brief summary of your experiences and how they relate to or have prepared you for the major you are applying to.

   To be a qualified accountant, you have to be accurate and detailed. And from the experience that I hosted the Michigan Entrepreneur Competition recently, I am sure that I paid close attention and had improved my accuracy in doing things. Through preparing for this event, my partner and I had checked almost 20 times of the draft, and modified it again and again to make sure every sentence is appropriate. And we practiced so many times of everything, even the pronunciation of a single word or the transition of the different moods. We wanted to make sure that we would not mess it up in the competition. Therefore, I think experience like this had prepared me for majoring accounting, since there are so many detailed pieces in accounting that we need to be noted.

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