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Managing Information and Technology

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Daniel J Cross

Dr. Virginia Rae

BUS 100-100F


Managing Information and Technology

Internet2: “A new high-tech internet with access limited to a consortium of members organizations (and other organizations these members sponsor). I2 utilizes technologies that give it a speed and capacity far exceeding the current internet.” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 270).

Cloud computing: “The use of Internet-based storage capacity, processing power, and computer applications to supplement or replace internally owned information technology resources” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 272).

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment: “A method of bill payment that makes it easy for the customer to make a payment, often by simply clicking on a payment option contained in an email” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 277).

Some places in the world still do not have internet. People from undeveloped areas are at a stark disadvantage to those who have grown up surrounded by technology and the internet. Also the higher the person’s age usually the less savvy they are with technology. Because of how rapidly the internet develops it difficult to keep up with the internet unless you are growing up with it. Ninety percent of today’s technology will be rendered obsolete in ten years. But while some of the world is without the internet, the first world is creating an even faster and better internet that uses even more advanced technology, cleverly named internet2. Technology is distributed unevenly through society, usually the more central and developed an area is the more technology they have access to.

Some places in the world still do not have internet. People from undeveloped areas are at a stark disadvantage to those who have grown up surrounded by technology and the internet. People who were raised without access to the internet or advanced technology are at a disadvantage because when they enter the work place they will already be behind those who are familiar with technology. This could cost them a job or other major problems with life. Technology makes life much easier in so many ways that just by not being up to date with the capabilities of the internet puts the user at a disadvantage, with such convinces as electronic bill payment and cloud computing. Being familiar with the internet and its abilities can really be life changing. The growth of technology is so exponential that it is impossible to spread fast enough to compensate. By this I mean that today, right now, the technology we use is already obsolete because of how fast technology is developing. There is constantly a faster, better, and shiner piece of technology out there that can replace what you have, and if there isn’t one yet, there will be within a year.

        Upon researching the digital divide I discovered that there are two divides, geographical and age. Geographical is a simple matter of resources and money and age is a product of a fast moving market. I visited a website called where the term was defined for me. Origionally the term meant those who did not have access to telephones and it has evolved into a term that means those without access to broadband internet. The geographical divide usually physically exists on maps and can actually been seen where companies stop offering broadband. The White House did a study in June of 2013 that said only 71% of households have adopted broadband, that leaves a physical gap of 29% (, 2015).

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