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Marketing Plan - Warid Telecomnmunication

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Warid Telecom.

2. Situation Analysis:

A) Company History:

Warid Telecom takes pride in being backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest groups in the Middle East and the single largest foreign investor group in Pakistan. It has a diversified business interest in the institutions that have enjoyed commercial success as a result of its strong financial resources and extensive management expertise. The Abu Dhabi Group's major investments are in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas Exploration

Banking and Financial Services

Automobile Industry

Hospitality Services

Property Development


With a capital expenditure of over US $500 million, Warid Telecom has been set up to provide a premium quality GSM service. Warid began its operations on May 23, 2005. In less than a year, we have a customer base of over 4.8 million and operate in over 110 cities across Pakistan, providing quality service to our customers.


Warid Telecom's vision is:

"To be the leading national communication provider with a strong international presence."

Warid Telecom's brand values include:

• Quality - We want to make a difference to people's lives. Our optimism is contagious. We are passionate about what we do and we have confidence in ourselves.

• Simplicity - For us, clarity comes through simplicity. We recognize that we are people communicating with other people. We are always direct and easy to understand.

• Innovation - We constantly look to do things differently and in a better way. We give color to all that we do. We are ready to push the boundaries and take risks.

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