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Daniel J Cross

Dr. Virginia Rae

BUS 100-100F



First-line(supervisory) management: “Managers who directly supervise non-management employees.” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 235).

Human Skill: “The ability to work effectively with and through other people in a range of different relationships.” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 236).

Conceptual skills: “The ability to grasp a big-picture view of the overall organization, the relationships among its various parts, and its fit in the broader completive environment” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 236).

        Self-Determination ultimately has to be internally motivated. Earlier in the year I wrote a paper about the importance of being self-motivated and having internal drive. This is heavily dependent on the type of employees you have and the work that the business is trying to accomplish. The type of work place our TED talk speaker paints a picture of simply could not work at lower level establishments. Retail will never see a workplace like that, nor will many forms of employment that do not require higher education. Which is fitting because usually the workers working those jobs could not perform in the environment described. Crucial elements to this type of workplace seem to be the same, quality management, quality employees, and keeping them happy and comfortable. If all of these are accomplished productivity will rise significantly.

        My definition of a work place that would allow for a happy workforce and a work place that is cultivating employees autonomous would be one that has little rules. Much like google, there would be no dress codes, no set hours of operation, although there would be a minimum of hours that would be required to be in the office. This minimum would only be set for new employees during their first year, this is to ensure that they understand they can experience the lax environment while still understanding that this is a job and work needs to be accomplished. The first-line management would have to be of the utmost quality and have very good conceptual skills. All work performance is judged off the work turned in and the quality of the work. Lower quality work and the employee is clocking fewer hours, they might have a mandatory number of hours, and then might be terminated.

        I would say that almost any technology based company could adopt this style of work place. From coding firms to internet technicians, all work places could adopt the style of this new workplace. Not having concrete hour’s increases employee happiness significantly or even allowing them to do the work from home, with technology today it is very possible to remote sign in to a computer that is across the world or across your city. I do not have intimate knowledge of any one businesses that I could implement any of these models in, I have not worked for a business that could use this work place so my knowledge of any business that could is very low. Although I can say that with the new work place in full swing employees would have to be interviewed significantly better and screened better. Perhaps some testing of their human skills and cognitive ability and questions about their pride in their work would be important. Having quality managers would also be important which would mean better manager training and hiring.

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