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New Vw Production System

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Tutorial 5                                                19 March 2015

  1. Volkswagen has introduced a new VW production system. A New Paint shop was opened in Uitenhage which offers a state of the art facility. This will allow for frontline movement. The New Paint Shop also served as a vehicle for coaching efficient high performance teams to ensure that quality, speed, safety, etc. were performing at their absolute best. The amount of defeats has decreased showing a 59% improvement. VW introduced A Mission Directed Work Team to ensure that the generation of Frontline involvement could be improved in the New Paint Shop.
  2. VW realized that they had vacuums inside of their booths. They realized that this was keeping dirt trapped inside the booths and was causing good dirt to be excluded from the paint counts. They decided to situate the vacuums outside of the booths instead. They then realized that they were wasting money by using broad tape as flanges. They decided to use more narrow tape that was still effective but also more cost effective. They then discovered that the workers boots were becoming slippery due to hardening fluids. They used second hand solvent trays, a rag and a solvent at the entrance of each door which eliminated the slippery boots. The attendance was another major challenge. People were not showing up for the coaching reviews. They decided to give employees overtime to ensure that they showed up for the coaching reviews. Follow-up issues also became a challenge. There seemed to be no feedback as to whether or not the implementation of the new innovation was successful or not.
  3. VW should adopt the Kaizen technique. This technique has to do with ensuring that all operations within the organization run efficiently and aims to improve the quality of the products that they sell to their customers. They need to always look for new and innovative ideas to ensure that they achieve customer satisfaction. VW has introduced coaching which ensures that their employees are constantly learning and coming up with new ways to ensure that the production of goods is constantly improving.

Exam questions:

  1. Using case examples, list the demand forecasting techniques and explain their application, advantages and disadvantages.                                                        (15)
  • 1 mark for each technique identified (3) (3 techniques)
  • 1 mark for explanation of each technique (3)
  • 3 marks for using a case example and identifying at least one advantage and one disadvantage (6)

  1. Explain the 6 steps in product design and development. Your answer should be based around a case study.                                                                         (25)
  • 1 mark for each step identified (6)
  • 1 mark for an explanation of each step (6)
  • 2 marks for the case example for each step identified (12)
  • 1 mark for flow of steps and for logical reasoning (1)
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