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Nike Human Rights Violation

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Nike Human Rights Violation

David Hernandez

MGMT 4141V – International Marketing

Walden University

Jose Lopez


During this module we were asked to read an article about negative news about Nike that was related to the human rights violation subject, after looking for a note that met the requirements I found an article published by “The Daily Texan” with the title: Students protest to demand the University end its contract with Nike over alleged human rights abuses, this article talks about a student protest from Texas University to demand the school to break business ties with the company for allowing multiple cases of human right violations on a production center on Vietnam.

The Phrase: “NIKE’s good name and reputation result in large part from our collective actions. That means the work-related activities of every employee must reflect standards of honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness, concern for others and accountability. We are expected to be sensitive to any situations that can adversely impact NIKE’s reputation and are expected to use good judgment and common sense in the way we all conduct business. This Code of Ethics applies to NIKE and its subsidiaries worldwide.” Can be read on the company’s code of ethics, However the student protest made clear that Nike as a company is failing on keeping the commitment of treating all employees with dignity and respect, “- Workers are still being treated really badly. They’re still waiting on us to do something and help them. “ added a Mexican-American Student.

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