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Operations Management

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For the definite growth and success of all organizations in the 21st century business world, operations management is crucial. In today’s current business world, managing the successful production of goods/service has become a paramount obstacle in the continental business environment due to the competiveness of businesses. For organizations to keep up with rapid changes and market demands in the business world, they must be willing and able to adapt to change for the purpose successful output process of goods/services, meeting organization aims as well as exceeding consumers’ expectations. Operational management leads the way for the organizations to thrive effectively and efficiently within the business world.

According to Nigel Slack,. Alistair Brandon-Jones,. Robert Johnston. Operation Management Myomlab 7th edition.,

Operation Management is defined as the activity of managing the resources that create and deliver services and products. It is evident that operations management is concerned with the successful production of output, nevertheless the managing of successful deliverance of goods/service are not supposedly produced by presumption, an emphasis is placed the four d’s(design, direct, develop, deliver) of the operation management process, these four d’s aids the organization gaining a sense of direction, innovative implementation, planning and controlling ongoing operations as well as improvement of operations capabilities.

Any organization in the business world that applies these four d’s to the operation managing aspect of their businesses, are more likely to have successful production of goods/services.

Although operations management main function involves the successful output of products/services in the organization, it also has many other responsibilities such as ensuring the organization is running efficiently and effectively, the acquisitions of solutions for the issues hindering the organization, meet/ exceeding the expectations of customers as well as company’s goals etc. Operation management importance for all organizations cannot be underestimated for it is the heart of the organization, which successfully governs the internal Runnings of the organization.


Caribbean Airlines Limited is an airline industry based at Piarco International Airport, Trinidad. The airline company was founded on 19 September 2006, incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on 27th September 2006 and commenced flight operations on 01st January 2007. Caribbean Airlines operates more than 600 weekly flights to 19 destinations in the Caribbean, North and South America and the United Kingdom.

The mission statement of Caribbean Airline states ‘’to raise customer satisfaction by delivering our promises in providing the highest standards of service and reliability marked by genuine Caribbean hospitality, commitment to safety and consistent value delivered by passionate people,’’ like any other relatively new operating organization Caribbean Airlines has been met their aims at some point during operation process, in fact Caribbean Airline has won the Caribbean leading airline award in the year on 2010 and 2011.

Although Caribbean Airline has won the Caribbean leading airline award at some point this does not disregard the incompetence’s of the industry. This industry has been faced with many operational issues during their operating period of time, but I’ll be drawing focus to the main operating issue in this report.

Operational Issue and Importance

The major operational issue that Caribbean Airline is being faced within their industry is the quality customer service of their operation process, in which the deliverance of poor quality customer service by the passenger service agents of Caribbean Airlines Ltd results in unsatisfied customers. Quality is defined as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs (Kotler et al., 2002, p.831. Customer satisfaction is defined as “the consumer’s response to the evaluation of the perceived discrepancy between prior expectations and the actual performance of the product or service as perceived after its consumption” (Tse & Wilton, 1988, p. 204; Fornell, 1992, p. 11; and Giese & Cote, 2000, p. 15).

Customer service quality is crucial for growth and success in any organization. Thus,

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