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Opinion About the Legend of Sam

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Please describe your opinion about the legend of Sam.

  1. To whom this legend helps? Or maybe not help but hurts?

The story of legend of Sam helps the new consultant who came to see the company’s current position. According to my point of view Sam was not a bad plant manager. He was a man of good qualities and he always wanted to have the best output from his employees. But the employees hated him because they were so lazy and they never did their job perfectly. There are two main incidents that help the new consultant to know about the employees who works there. The first one is the employee’s addresses Sam as a gorilla that clearly shows that the employees never respect anyone and the second incident is about the car. All these incidents are the lessons for the new inspector who came to help the company.

  1. What can we say about this organizational culture? Weak? Strong? Do you want to work in such organization? Why?

   This company is having a very weak organizational culture. Because if they have a good organizational culture they will never have hostile labor- management relations, low productivity, and poor quality. I personally never want to work in this kind of organization. Because if work in this organization my experience will be also same like Sam. Because of lack of good organizational culture, a weak and negative culture has perpetual morale problems. Widespread pessimism discourages self-starters, stifling creativity and innovation. The low morale might poison the whole organization just like this organization, to the point that even customers can tell nobody likes working there.

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