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Oriental Food Inc. Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Presentation: Outline

The future marketing potential of packaged Oriental Food in the U.S Market

My Company is called Oriental Food Inc. Our line of products, available

in Food service, Retail, Convenience Stores and Wholesale Clubs, range from traditional Egg Rolls and Wontons to a few frozen Chinese cuisines, such as orange chicken, dumplings etc. We also have the ability to develop products to your specifications or needs. Our products are handmade with the freshest ingredients. So, when our customers bite into one of our Egg Rolls or Wontons, they will taste the difference. That means more customers, more orders and more profits for the company.

Executive Summary:

Recently, a few packaged oriental foods have been seen in some of the supermarket. What is the future marketing potential of these products? Can these product lines be expanded? I am going to discuss its market opportunity, current market environmental analysis, such as SWOT analysis, the marketing mix strategies, and marketing objectives, etc.

Environmental Analysis:

Analyzing market potential for a product involves determining current and potential consumption of the product, types and location of available markets. According to a quick frozen food-sponsored survey, the frozen department of the grocery store is where some 80 percent of consumers look for microwave foods. From the survey in the supermarket, there are only a few Chinese brands that produce microwave food in oriental styles.

SWOT analysis:

Strengths: Strong oriental food knowledge; High quality products; Speed and ease to use;

Variety marketing promotion programs.

Weaknesses: The high operation cost for market entry; Low productivity.

Opportunities: Improvements in productivity; Pay attention to customer service;

The future market potential.

Threats: Market entry barriers, the difficulty to overcome competitors who has the

distribution and marketing channels already established.

Target Market:

Today, changing lifestyles and the new technologies of quick microwave frozen

food are sparking the revolution in convenience foods. In addition to a changing population, tastes of the age under 34 years old group have changed. The 18 to 34 age group is very knowledgeable and adventurous when

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