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Personal Learning Style Paper

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Personal Learning Style Paper


Personal Learning Styles

Identifying one’s own learning style and time management is valuable; not only for educational success, but to improve personal assets as well. Exploring different learning styles has allowed me to determine my strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. Aside from that, it has given me the reassurance of returning to school. My ability to think logically, use reason, and problem solving have always given me benefits over others in life experiences. I have found myself to be weakest in classes in which the teacher presents information in a written language format or in other visual formats like pictures or diagrams. Things like memorization of facts and definitions, explanations that are only presented verbally, and reading have always been my greatest challenges. My personal target is use self-determination and an organized plan to focus on overcoming these obstacles.

Logical and mathematical gifted individuals use numbers, math and logic to solve and define different patterns that occur in their lives . I have always enjoyed solving complicated challenges, doing experiments, performing difficult mathematical calculations, and working with geometric shapes. Either asking questions, brainstorming various solutions, conducting experiments, or analyzing circumstances has been my routine to problem solving. My motivation in life has always been self progress and achieving success, which is why I am pursuing an education. Observing people around me and their habits has helped me develop a guide to success. For example, watching my parents has been key in my life learning experience. Both are very responsible and ambitious. My mother, on one hand, has always prioritized and organized her goals and ways of achieving them, while my father lacked in these areas. Observing that my mother maintained success, while my father struggles to keep it has allowed me to compare both strategies and follow an effective guide.

Unfortunately, thinking logically and mathematically often does not require verbalization. I have incorporated various techniques that will help me with word-based learning. Techniques such as reading aloud, memorization of phrases, writing, and expanding my vernacular are areas I am focusing on. When reading aloud I need to make it lively and energetic instead of using a monotone voice. Not only does this help recall information, but I am practicing a dramatic presence. Taking more time with writing letters, directions, papers and descriptions would enable me to work on my writing skills. In order to improve on my public speaking skills, I plan to take more of an active part in oral discussions in class and in my learning groups. I also

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