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Pollution-Eating Bikes Pestel Analysis

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Assignment one MKTM028: PESTEL Analysis

Pollution-Eating Bikes

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In the history of Pakistan, bicycle industry has a significant background as there were no as such registered manufacturing business units that were on bicycles. And for the same, it stood as one of the lowest ranked countries as compared to other countries of the world. There are only a few types of bicycles in the market of Pakistan which has little demand or have the low market share.

In Pakistan, some current problems that are faced which fails to attract the customers are the labour union laws and the smuggling of imported bicycles. The instability of the political factors also created some issues for the bicycle industry. In terms of the environmental concerns, many issues erupted in Pakistan which again attracted the demand for the pollution-free bikes for such country which is faced with numerous environmental concerns and damages. Some social factors like education, unemployment, poverty and other factors like terrorism may render some negative effect on the company seeking to introduce pollution-eating bikes here but with the collaboration and partnerships with the educational institutes and the industries the product can be better positioned in the market lessening the emission of air pollutants and reducing the death rates in Pakistan.


In this business report, we will explore the marketing concepts with reflection to the PESTEL analysis that acts as a strategic marketing tool for an organisation to render benefits to it. We will carry a research on Pakistan and will consider it as a prospective country that will be suitable for setting up the business that will render ‘Pollution eating Bikes' to this country so as to make it smog and pollution free. For the same, we will carry out an analysis that will undertake only three elements from the PESTEL framework which will be used carry out effective analysis. Coming to an end of this report we will draw out some recommendations that will help to grab more benefits for the business at Pakistan.


In order to effectively plan the strategies and the product development decisions, this strategic tool is used to analyse the business environment. The macro environmental factors can be analysed through this tool as it supports the business activities of an organisation. This tool ensures the positive outcome for a business as it helps to overcome the changes in the business environment successfully. It also helps to undertake an action that saved from a failure of business decisions and strategies. It is a tool that better help one to adapt and analyse the realities of the new environment (Anwar and Afza, 2014).

PESTEL analysis will better pave the ways by laying the big picture of the environment before the businesses by highlighting the external business opportunities and the threats present in the business environment. It will help to better grab the opportunities present and will also help to mitigate the threats to the business. It helps to draw out the risks that are involved with the market growth or decline and will also help to direct one towards the success of the business organisation (Kim and Li, 2014).

It is a strategic management tool that helps to give a glimpse at all the external factors to an organisation. It is used with another strategic tool namely SWOT analysis which analyses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats of a business.

PESTEL analysis tool can simply be used for strategic planning by an organisation by critically examining the political, economic, social, environmental, technological and legal factors that are present external to the business environment (Igliński, et al. 2016).

Similarly, this too will be employed by us to analyse the influencing factors that will create an impact on the business decision to move in Pakistan with the pollution-eating bikes that will help in maintaining efficiencies of the sales and will strengthen the growth prospects of the business. This will help to race the certainties and uncertainties of the factors that may impact the business decision in a negative or a positive way. From the six parameters of PESTEL analysis, we will only carry out our analysis on three parameters namely political, environmental and the social factors that may influence the decision of pollution-eating bikes at Pakistan (Tabassam, et al. 2016).

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