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Proposed Solution in Kava

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Proposed Solution in Kava

In the previous assignment, Decisions in Paradise: Part 1, communication issues were identified as the primary concern. After further investigation the focus in Kava is now addressed towards the education and awareness of AIDS as well as providing a telecommunication service to educate the public in general. Providing a model to address the issues at hand is the focus of this paper inclusive of a decision-making techniques and a proposed model for a solution to make a better presence in Kava. Both analytical and creative techniques were used to help frame the problem, make decisions, and lastly evaluate the proposed decision.

I would like to begin with describing the decision-making model and how it was used to help solidify the conclusion in proposing the solution. The analytical technique involved thought processes discovering the complex situation in Kava and the current issues facing the country drawing further concern for possible situations that may perhaps surface. This would help the company’s potential of providing a solution and the goal is to focus on providing a service to the community by increasing a presence. The creative thinking model includes a method identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) to help provide a solution. Both models require analyzing the current situations as well as geographical issues in Kava.

The leading problem in Kava is to educate their citizens in AIDS/HIV awareness as well as providing a media means for general education in educational institutions. A majority of the population is young and probably seeking basic education as well as knowledge of the world surrounding them. The local government appears to be interested in improving the quality of life for its citizens and our company can help in this goal. This goal is obtainable with appropriate solutions implemented over a duration of time and may perhaps make sense to the stakeholders involved, the company, government, and citizens alike. The mission statement at Comcast Cable is to continue to provide people with communication products and services that connect them to what’s important in their lives. This statement can be used in the proposal to better citizens in Kava as well.

The SWOT method will help me to identify the key issues. Strengths are to educate on AIDS awareness and prevention. Perhaps understanding the seriousness of this disease will help reduce the chances of contracting this deadly disease among all ages however, since a larger portion of the population is mostly under 15 years of age education in the classroom will be a starting point. Strengths under this model are educating the young as well as an overall general education to the community. Weaknesses in literacy may surface and possible resistances from the parents due to mostly young probably provide income for the families. Parents may rely on this income and would prefer the young to work rather than having an education. The opportunities available are to connect with the community in what is important in their lives such

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