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Quality Management Means Quality Business

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Daniel J Cross

Dr. Virginia Rae

BUS 200

Quality Management Means Quality Business

Having effective management at every level of your company will transform any work force into a productive one. Managers are the most crucial part of a workplace. Without quality managers the front line suffers. Management allows for conceptual planning to not be worried about by the lower level workers. To be a manager one must be a natural born leader and feel comfortable under pressure because people are looking up to you all day every day to make decisions. Having average or subpar managers can impact a workplace beyond belief.

Management provides the conceptual planning behind what the front line people do. Without management everyone’s jobs would be much more complex and there would be more confusion, they are like a planning and directing hub of information. Even with that in play most work places can not only have one manager they need three or four. A strong head manager can motive all his subordinates to operate in the same manor. Quality management and leadership is contagious. The higher up the manager the bigger the impact they can have if they chose to take advantage of their position.

To be a manager one must be a natural born leader and feel comfortable under pressure because people are looking up to you all day every day to make decisions. You must have good people skills and be able to send any angry customers or employees away with a feeling of resolve and without escalating the situation even further. A good manager can deal with customers and employees because both are important to keep happy. Even at higher levels people skills are still one of the most important qualities a manager can have because if it isn’t with the low level employees it is with the lower level managers or independent vendors. No matter who the manager is in contact with his people skills will leave either a good impression or bad impression on who they interacted with.

Good front line managers keep workers happy and happy workers work harder. Good middle and high level manager motive the lower level managers to hit the right goals and get the right production out of their employees. Every business has levels of management and the higher up the level of manager is the bigger their impact is, having a great manager at the store front improves that one store productivity and happiness very much but having a great manager for the district would be even better because they can affect the entire district and not only one store. But in the big picture all the managers need to work together to be the best that they can be, because while one great manager may be good it would be preferable to have all good managers and cover every level of the business.

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