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Rano Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan:


Terms used:

Consumer market


Advertising appropriation

Environmental scanning

Market channel

Percent-of-sales approach

Marketing concept

Marketing intermediaries

Media plan

Power distance


Advertising message


Full-service wholesaler

Advertising effectiveness

Linear time

General-merchandise wholesaler

Consumer hury

Low context

Product mix



Product line

Press release

Nonverbal communication


Captioned photograph



Personal selling process


General merchandise retailer


Uncertainty avoidance

Convenience product



Routine response behavior


Joint venture




Free samples

Follow up

Total marketing

Target audience

Odd-number pricing

No segmentation

Advertising objective

Penetration pricing strategy


Advertising platform

Multiple-unit pricing




Our product, Rano, is a tangible good available for purchase in Madagascar's consumer market. This market structure makes our product available to the general public. Rano is a water filtration and purifying device. This dual system works by removing salt from ocean water through a filter, while a purifier makes the water potable. Our product is the same size as a tea-bag, making it easy to carry and also disposable. This system is unique because of its dual capacity and small, lightweight design.


Madagascar is an island country that is located off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Its inhabitants suffer from poverty; the World Bank estimates that “92% of Malagasy live on less than $2 per day” (BBC News 2015). Our product will be sold at a low rate in order to make it accommodating to the local population, this will be discussed further in the price section. When designing a product, it is important to scan the environment you are selling in. Island locations provided inspiration for designing Rano because they are surrounded by salt water. Since Rano removes salt from ocean water, Madagascar’s geographical location makes it an ideal market for our product. Another aspect of environmental scanning relates to understanding the culture of your target market. It is noted that the Malagasy people “practice traditional religions, which tend to emphasize links between the living and the dead” (Sandbox Network 2007). Water is the basis of human life. We have related the cultural values and indigenous beliefs of the Malagasy people into the very nature of our product. As a final factor of our environmental scanning, we determined that “48% of the Malagasy population does not have access to fresh drinking water” (CIA 2015).  Rano is a solution for those who are currently without drinking water. Not only will Rano benefit our company, it will also put the consumers in Madagascar first. This idea of putting consumers first is called the marketing concept and it will be utilized throughout the decision making process of producing, promoting, distributing, and pricing our product.

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