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Reflective Report

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In the module Fundamentals of Management, over the past six weeks I have been given an introduction as to what management is and how the module is going to be taught. I have been notified on how many assignments there are and how to develop my academic reading, writing, thinking, how to communicate and what type of language I should be using. I have been shown how to navigate around WebLearn, using the online library and any other relevant information for the module. From week one to five I have learned about what experts say the definition of management is, how management is used in an organisation and what are the roles of managers, how they influence the business internally and externally, different management theories and models and we have looked into detail of those topics. During week three we took a in class multiple choice question test with four essay type questions to see what we have learned so far and where everyone is at to give our tutors a rough idea on how to carry on teaching us this module.

During my one-to-one feedback, I had learned that I did extremely well for the second half of the quiz which was the multiple-choice questions however I have really struggled for the first half which was the four essay type questions. My feedback states that I should have been more prepared and done further reading prior to the quiz. Although I attempted two of the questions I barely got any marks as I didn’t write enough content. I also didn’t use all the time that was available which was another issue because I could have really produced the best possible answers.

From this quiz, I have learned that multiple choice questions were somewhat easy to answer however I was taking risks when answering and for majority of the questions I did not know the answers but in fact guessed and went with my gut instinct. In this quiz, it worked in my favour however I am aware that is not the way to go forward during future multiple-choice test and I would rather be safe and study beforehand than sorry going with my gut instincts and guessing. As for the essay style questions, I struggled really hard and this was my fault because firstly, I didn’t revise what

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