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Rudy Love Marriage

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Rudy's smaller case is preparing a will for Mrs. Colleen Birdsong, or Ms. Birdie as he calls her. She believes she has a large fortune to leave behind when in reality it is not very much at all. She wishes to leave all of her money and assets to a TV evangelist who she believes deserves the money. One thing she is adamant about is completely cutting her children out of her will. Rudy proposes some objection to this and suggests reconsidering. As Rudy is exiting her house, he spots a backyard "apartment". He asks Ms. Birdie about possibly renting it for a small fee in exchange for helping her with little things around her home and garden. She agrees, and this is when their unethical client-lawyer relationship begins. Moving into a client’s home breaches the Code of Professional Responsibility regarding professional impropriety. Also, when Ms. Birdie's children come to visit her, Rudy picks up on how rude

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