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Strength Analysis of Men’s Wear Company

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. Marketing:

• Company’s image.

G is one of the most known brands in the world, as they use high standard materials and textiles and that’s mostly because of the well advertising coverage in the TV, internet and by sponsoring conventions and events.

For example; appearing in the famous show EU MODA in Europe to show its best products

• Company’s reputation for quality & service.

G factory keens mostly on service and quality of its products as it uses fine Egyptian cotton and it offers a great service inside and outside the stores.

For example; in every store there is a service section to receive any kind of complaints from the customer as it uses the plot “The customer is always right”

Also every now and then the managers of the stores give present a complement gifts to the customers.

And for the VIP customers every store has a VIP lounge with comfortable seats and mini bar to serve them as they shop with a personal help of the VIP employee.

• Product Research and development.

In the research department there is a team of fashion experts who keeps in touch with the latest styles of fashion to mix it with new ideas based on the brand’s taste.

Also it has a test group of different kinds of people of their opinion and comments on the products to meet the customer taste.

• Promotions

1. Sales force.

At the end of the season sale is very important it prevents the company from the stock of the season left as it give half off on each item as it gains as much revenue from these products.

2. Advertising and promotions.

Promotions are very important as it refreshes the selling activity.

For example; register with the promotion and discount cards like here in Egypt (Exclusive, SAZ, etc).

Also making special offers on the online shopping

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