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Swat Analysis of Verizon

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Consider the following companies who may be competing now or later in the future in either service or hardware/software business ventures: ( about 10 pages or so)






Nokia/ or other cell phone makers

1) Evaluate each company in terms of the following:

Technological Innovations as it may affect them (short term 5 years, and long term 10 years)

Example: a) New search technologies will affect both Yahoo and Google

b) Voice over IP (VoIP) may affect how Verizon, Nokia , and Yahoo surmise the opportunities and threats and their business models

c) I-phone and media over the phone may affect Microsoft, Apple, and Yahoo Internet business models

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2) Identify the main strategic value system of each company (competitor) ie: Are they primarily innovators or are they somewhat stuck in their present business model.

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3 Identify a summary of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) attributes of each in some sort of matrix form. ie: Companies across and attributes vertically

a) attributes. These should be included.

Market size, Marketing capability, Customer base, Technology, Financial strength, Sourcing/manufacturing capability.

b) Give each a subjective strength/capability rating such as letters a-d or numerals 1-5 in each cell of the matrix. Give a rating for 5 yrs and 10 yrs. ie: rating ‘a/b’ or’3/5’

c) Circle those cells where the participants actually compete directly now or later,

particularly in the customer and technology cells.

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4) From the above matrix write up a short

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