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Teddy Buddy Coffee Shop Case Study

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     Teddy Buddy Coffee Shop

Love is in the air, you can smell our coffee brewing.



Business Plan (Coffee shop)


Jafirullah Khan Jebran

Assistant Professor

Department Of BBA

Atish Dipankar University Of Science & Technology, Dhaka.


Esrat Jahan

Representative of the group

Batch- D23

Department of Business (BBA)

Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology, Dhaka.

Date of Submission:  December 2015.

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Group Name:

Name of the members of the group:

Serial no:

Name of the members of the group

ID No:


Esrat Jahan



Hafijul Islam



Mahmud Hasan Saimum


Group Representative: Esrat Jahan

Contact                         :


23 August 2015

The Course Lecturer,

Jafirullah Khan Jebran

Assistant Professor,

Department Of BBA,

ADUST, Dhaka.

Sub: Submission of Business Plan report.

Dear Sir,

We are the student of Department of Business (D-23 Batch) of Atish Dipankar University Of Science & Technology, Dhaka. We are very much enthusiastic about our presentation. We are really happy to have such a presentation of challenging and interesting like this presentation and also thanks to you for making us worthy for corporate.  Our presentation topic is “Business Plan (Coffee Shop)”. We have learned many things from this topic which will help us in future to conduct of economic. There were some obstacles we have faced at the time of collecting data about our topic. But we have overcome all the obstacles by endeavor effort by each member our group and tried our best to give an overview of our topic.

We have presented our findings as consciously as we could within the time and resource constraints. We are grateful to you for this assignment, which has been an excellent learning, experience for us, and we tried to put our best effort to present it up to your expectation. The program extended us the opportunity to have practical exposure on many real life practices.

Sincerely Yours,


Esrat Jahan

Representative of the group


Department of Business

ADUST, Dhaka

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First of all we would like to thank the Almighty for giving us the strength, and the aptitude to complete this report with in due time. We are deeply indebted to our course teacher, mentor, Jafirullah Khan Jebran for assigning us such an interesting tropic named “Business Plan (Coffee shop)”. We also express the depth of our appreciation to our honorable course teacher for his suggestion and guidelines, which helped us in completing this report.

Besides, we express your gratitude to all those learned people whose publication/articles are consulted by us to write this report.

Last but not the least, we also express our heartiest thanks and gratefulness to the university authority, the members, class mates for their continuing help and valuable suggestions.

To us it would be a great achievement, if the report serves our purpose at least to some extent.

Executive Summary

TEDDY BUDDY Coffee Shop is a coffee shop located at Farm Gate, near University of Asia Pacific & UCC, Dhaka. TEDDY BUDDY coffee shop serves all types of coffee to provide refreshments. TEDDY BUDDY focus all types of customers such as students, youngsters, mature, professional’s, children’s etc. it also serves variety in coffee and new innovations with coffee.

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