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The Eu Without the Euro

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EU without

the Euro

Would the Euro zone countries be better off without the Euro?

Table of contents

Research question

• Introduction Page 3

• Explanation Page 4

Main Part

• History Page 5

• Advantages of the euro Page 5

• Disadvantages of the euro Page 6

• Public Opinion Page 6

• Newspaper articles Page 7


• Yes/No Page 8

References/Sources Page 9


Every Sunday I visit my grandfather. He lives in the same village as my parents so it is easy for me when I return home during the weekend to pay him a visit. My grandfather turns 96 in July, he survived two world wars and one wife.

A couple of years ago the doctor told him that it was probably for the best if he gave up smoking and driving adding the comment that continuing both would be harmful to himself and others. My grandfather reluctantly agreed. This is the reason why he always asks me to bring him some cigarettes when I visit him. Although I don’t mind paying for the cigarettes, my grandfather insists that he pays for them himself.

As such this is hardly worth noting, but ever since 2002 buying my grandfather cigarettes means that I have to listen to a barrage of complaints. Not about myself, but about the price. Remarks frequently heard in my grandfather’s house are:

“Ever since the guilder changed into the euro, the prices have gone up.”


“The only thing that changed is the euro sign, the prices have stayed exactly the same.”

and even

“I wish that our government would have kept the guilder.”

At first I dismissed this as �old man’s complaints’, but lately I myself have been wondering about the introduction of the euro. Have the prices doubled since its introduction in 2002 or would the same have happened with the guilder? Would it have been smarter to keep the guilder? Have we lost some of our cultural heritage, because of the euro? I decided to start writing a report trying to answer these questions and more. The research question I will try to answers is:

Would the countries of the European Union be better off without the Euro?

Hopefully next time I bring my grandfather a pack of cigarettes I can give him a conclusive answer whether we are better off with or without the euro and try to make him stop complaining about the euro. Thank God he hasn’t taken a look at the petrol prices in the last 10 years.



The topic of my presentation is �The EU without the euro’. In this report I will try to answer the following research question: Would the countries of the Euro zone be better off without the Euro? I have structured my report in the following way:

In this introduction I will outline the research question and my way of working. I will explain how my report is structured and I will give information on my personal timetable.

In the main part I will show information and findings that are relevant to the research question, I will give some background information about the topic and some pro’s and con’s. Finally in the conclusion I will try to answer the research question using my own opinion based on the findings I have done in the last couple of weeks.


In the last 7 weeks I have worked on this report. The first 2 weeks I worked on the report subject (EU without the euro) and I have tried to present a proper research question (Would the Euro zone countries be better off without the Euro?) The next 4 weeks I have worked on gathering information from different sources and the last

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