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The Next Step in the Business Evolution

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Daniel J Cross

Dr. Virginia Rae

BUS 100-100F


Mesh: The Next Step in the Business Evolution

Sole Proprietorship: “A form of business ownership with a single owner who usually actively manages the company” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 82).

Retention of Profits: “If your business is successful, all the profits go to you minus your personal taxes, of course” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 85).

Ease of Formation: “Compared to the other forms of ownership well discuss the paperwork and costs involved in forming a sole proprietorship are minimal no special forms must be filed, and no special fees must be paid. Entrepreneurs who are eager to get a business up and operating quickly can find this a compelling advantage. ” (Kelly & Williams, 2015 p. 85).

Q: Why did he or she choose to form the organization into that particular entity (sole proprietorship, Corporation, LLC, LLP, etc.)

A: Noticed a trend in the market and thought his service could be done better and cheaper.

Q: What the pros and cons are, and if they sought the advice from anyone when deciding (Attorney, CPA, Banker, Mom & Dad)

A: he asked his father to get an

        Pros: Being your own boss is easier and there is more money to be made. The entire decision making process is communicated directly with the customers.

        Cons: Jumping into a market blind is scary. With no supporting cast or complications with staffing, there is also lot more responsibility.

Q: Ask the business owner what advice he or she would give to you if you were considering going into business?

A: To ensure there is an ample market and that you are going to work twice as hard as you think you are going to.

The person I interviewed was Daniel J Cross, my father. He runs a sole proprietorship and restores antique cars. His business is very successful and has enough work for the next four years lined up. But the only reason that he was so successful is because his quality of work had been shared and he had created a reputation for his work. His success is thanks to the mesh or sharing of business and products.

The mesh is making a world economy smaller and making sole proprietorships much more profitable and abundant. With the help of the internet and how social today’s economic communities, the word of a smaller business doing more for less will thrive. Thanks to the recession people have become more open minded about the true value of a service making certain markets low hanging fruit for small businesses and the ease of formation for a sole owned business is appetizing. The platforms that a smaller business would have access to are much more efficient at sharing and also cost efficient as well. Mesh businesses have adapted the markets and platforms available.

Up until the introduction of the internet small businesses had to rely on word of mouth for all new customers for the exception of paying for advertisement. With the development and power of a computer partnered with the internet allows companies to spend their money on more accurate and precise advertising than ever before, when reaching the correct demography is so easy, new business is that easy to reach. Even word of mouth has evolved onto social media making one person have a louder voice than ever before. With user review forums like yelp that also allows more people to communicate how businesses treat their customers, sharing more information with one another than ever before. The social aspect to a mesh business should be the aspect of the business always should be changing and getting refined.

With an ever growing market the business must also have economic prowess to compete with every other small businesses. The upside to a smaller business is less overhead and less employees that need to be paid so they usually result a service being offered for prices half what a larger business could afford to do business at. This also allows for more specialized craftsmanship. More specialized workers honing in on untapped markets. This specialization also allows for a higher rate of retention of profit, making smaller businesses actually easier to run and manage. The more specialized a markets economy is the more efficient the society is thought to be, so mesh marketing is the next step to efficient and quality businesses and environment for the consumer.

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