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Wal-Mart Supply Chain Management

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  1. a. The crocs supply chain was flexible and stable. If one brand was became boom in sudden, they may not have enough inventory, and then, many people will not have the chance to buy one. However, the crocs have enough inventory, they can satisfy the demand for all the customers. After they became popular, they make more complex produce technology to compete with other brand.

      b.Because the other industry, they may only have the way to buy those shoes, then they   sell the shoes, but for the crocs, they have their industry to make the shoes, and they have all the material they need for their shoes. In this way, they can make the shoes by themselves, and then, find the retailer to sell their shoes.

2. The crocs build the warehouse for the smaller businesses. In this way, smaller businesses can get their inventories from the warehouse instead of buy lot of shoes in their store, so the risk will be reduced. This can make both the smaller business and larger businesses can get enough goods for sell. On the other hand, the market will be extended, which will be good for the whole market to sell the shoes. The whole supply chain can connect with both large firm and small one. Thus, the whole market will be bigger, they can have more potential customers. They supply chain can make the sell became more stable. They can get the shores from each store.

3. If the crocs sell their shoes to Wal-Mart, they will lose their fame. The products in the Wal-Mart, are those kind of cheap product, people may think they are not have good quality. Also, the price for the crocs was not very low, so people will consider about is that really worth to buy this shoes if they sell their shoes in the Wal-Mart. Besides, there are many fake crocs in the Wal-Mart, they have the same appearance with the crocs, the consumers may not know how the crocs make, so they will think the fake one is similar with the real one. The fake one is cheaper than real one, so the customer will buy the fake one. Therefore, the crocs will have no advantage in the Wal-Mart.

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