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Yhgp Case Study

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1. YHGP have a viable market

The market viability can be assessed with the help of marketing 4P’s. In this case product of YHGP is interior designing, and construction that will help customers to customize their home as per their requirements in their own unique styles. Next as the company is providing individual customization it become expensive on the price front in comparison to it competitors those involved in mass production. Therefore their main customer group is upper class people those who can afford this customized service easily with high disposable income at hand. For promoting itself the company can choose to market itself through home furnishing programs on T.V that will inspire people to decorate homes with personal touches and encourage them to try YHGP. Place depends on the location of customer and is a direct selling method. This shows the market is viable for YHGP. From the data provided it is clear that the targeted customers are upper class. Their yearly income is above $150K plus. Fromm the statistics provided we are considering the houses whose worth is more than $500K or where the value has been impacted because of certain damages and repair works, this are the houses where the YHGP services will be of help. However they are only 5,512 households of 224,583 owner occupied households worth this value. Furthermore, a total of 10,767 household earns above $150K of total 319,920 households. This numbers shows that the number of upper class customers is low; however YHGP needs a decent number of customers to make profits in such large area as envisioned by Norwalk. There are 33,353 households that has earnings above $100K. Norwalk’s aimed at 5 customers per month that can afford ten thousand and above on the customization of their households and ha income $100k, that mean a total of 60 household around the year. Therefore it is as per the vision of Norwalk’s.

2. Omitting customer group:

Yes, Norwalk omitted certain customer groups based on the income, age and demographics. For instance, the customer whose income is below 100K$ were not considered this has limited his customer base to a certain extent.

Norwalk should consider expanding its market base so as to acquire more business for the company and associated contractors along-with good publicity.

3. Factors consider when recruiting contractors

Some of the factors that Norwalk must consider while recruiting contactors and supply side are:

The contractor should be flexible to meet the changes in the plan whenever necessary,

They should be responsible and accountable for the work contracted to them that is they should be able to work with little or no interference from the customers or from Norwalk.

They must be able to meet the requirements from customer side.

The deal killer will be the one those who are able to maintain the etiquettes for proper building site making it easier for the customers for a better customer service.

4. YHGP appropriately staffed

The concern of Norwalk is correct that they don’t have right mix of staff.

COO David lacks initiation which is an important skill for a business manager as he needs to identify problems, or start a task at right time without procrastinating it may result in not completing the task on time, failing to perform certain tasks, avoiding follow ups, constant reminders and likewise. However initiative skills can be developed by self-improvement. As an organization leader David should focus on developing initiation skills.

Rory as a project manager is people pleaser; he in a managerial position should have command over the employees working under him to get the work done. For improving the performance of his team Rory needs to mend his ways by showing direction, keeping the focus, providing feedback and likewise to develop sense of ownership in them and to get the work done through

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