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Zappos Business Case Study

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Case Study 9

January 17

Dr. B

  1. Zappos is a leader in using social media for their business. Zappos also uses digital media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Pinterest to reach current and prospective customers. The cross promotes across all these platforms. They also use promotions like “Fan of the Week contest” and photo contest to get the audience’s attention to use their business.
  2. There are a few ways that Zappos encourages word-of-mouth marketing through Facebook by using “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship”. They also use status updates on their Facebook page to bring customers to their website. Facebook is used quite frequently with this company and helps out a lot when it comes to advertising. Social media can be used for contest and like and share to get people to win free gifts. Zappos also encouraged this by offering special promotions to people who choose to be fans of the company or for those who share that particular post.
  3. Zappos specializes in making the relationship between the customer and business as human as possible. They want to make the experience a personal feel for them and for the customer to feel comfortable. Zappos tries to create an environment that makes customers want to do business with them. They also have amazing customer service and try to make sure every customers needs are met. Having a great business starts from within the company and Zappos are for sure a great company to work for. When the employees are happy, they are happy at their job and want to offer the best for the customers.
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