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Zara - a Study on Information System That Affects on Companies Especially on Supply Chain Matters

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SUBMISSION DATE: 24TH February 2016

MobileExpert e-SCM

In this era, it is important to use an online efficient SCM system to provide a stable and quick respond in needs of the business. This thing can be done by upgrading the old landscape system that has been used by a company into a modern landscape system to suit them into this new technology era.

The old landscape system that is mentioned before still exists in this world. For example, MobileExpert, which is a company that is running as a retailer for mobile phone business in Singapore. At first, MobileExpert is just a small business with a small shop that was located in one of Singapore’s district. By years, the business expanded into ten outlets spread across Singapore which is a great development. But the only problem is their business operation is paper-based which means they haven’t develop into digital platform that almost all of the business in this world currently are using. Because of that, they frequently have stockouts of famous brands of mobile phones at their stores. This problem could lead MobileExpert to lose not just few of their customers but it could make them lose more than half of their customers to other shops too.

In this case, MobileExpert must change their business operations into e-SCM which means using online system in their business operations that could lead into the increasement of their revenues and new customers. There are 5 ways to improve their SCM into online system, such as:

  1. Apply cloud-based systems that can provide cost savings and operational efficiencies.

The major advantage of these systems that it can affect the domain experts found in the companies providing these systems. A business could enjoy access to a team focused on the software and networking hardware side of the shop.

  1. Use real-time dashboard reporting to take the pulse of a supplier chain.

Providing a strong capabilities for real-time reporting is amust for management system that include on-screen dashboards that can show the view of the entire supplier chain. The softwares could be on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. Data for short orders, inventory turns, and on-time shipments is easily accessible with this system that could improve the efficiency of any supplier management system and also essential for tracking overall chain performance and metrics.

  1. Integrate logistical processes with suppliers.

If a supplier is able to access and view the rate at which a business runs through its inventory, they are easily to meet any changes in demand and also improve operational efficiencies for both organizations.

  1. Choose an ERP application that fits with existing systems.

An ERP system is one of the vital matters in business industry. Companies must choose an ERP system wisely. It is very important that any ERP application flawlessly integrates with existing applications. ERP provides an integrated view of core business processes, often in real-time, with using common databases that maintained by a database management system that able to track business resources and the status of business commitments such as orders, purchase orders, and payroll. It facilitates the flow of information between all business sections, and also manages connections to outside stakeholders.[pic 2][pic 3]

  1. Don’t cut expenditure on SCM training for internal employees.

It’s essential not to ignore internal training for employees to make the concepts of SCM and logistics run smoothly and integrates with each others. The entire system could works smoothly and able to give a positive impact to the bottom line if everyone in the chain is comfortable with their own role inside the overall process.

In conclusion, MobileExpert must change their business operation from paper-based into digital platform in order to create more new customers and also maintain the existing customers. Besides getting new customers, it can also leads to more effectiveness and efficiencies in their business operations if they develop it become e-SCM. So, this is a good strategic move for MobileExpert to transform their business operations into digital platform.

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