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A Book Review "the Call of the Wild"

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A book review

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is a third-person novel by the famous American writer, Jack London. Set in Klondike, it is the portrayal of a hard life of a capricious, noble and strong-willed hero on four paws. The book immerses the reader into the world of severe cold and wild morals. This is not just "another story about a dog". This is the story of those who live by the "Law of Club and Fang". By coincidence, the dog turns out to be in the new environment than his previous home life. Being unprepared, the dog falls hard. In regions where the average annual temperature is negative, to live is to fight. In this constant fight, surprisingly, Buck looks for and finds himself.

The Call of the Wild is rich and detailed in plot. The book is about how in difficult conditions the body and the soul are tempered, not only in humans. As any sign of weakness and stupidity in the wild inevitably lead to death. On the one hand the reader sympathies with the hero on four paws, while on the other hand he/ she finds out the similarity with the world of people. One can say, that the book is philosophical, it provides the reader some food for thoughts.

As for characterization (or description), Jack London is extremely successful in conveying the feelings and thoughts of the four-legged hero, though he went in his shoes, while taking the narrative in the third person. There's his ability to give animals human traits, not bending with it.

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