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A Life in the Day of Jonathan Bonnett

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A Life In the Day Of Jonathan Bonnett

Usually on a Saturday morning my sister wakes me up, not purposely, but she is very loud when she is getting ready for work. But this Saturday she was not there to give me the morning blues, for she was in Geneva on holiday. So I had about another hour in bed, which is phenomenal for me because when I was young I was the type of child who wakes up at 6 in the morning and watches Sesame Street. But thankfully my teenage tiredness has caught up with me, so I get a little longer in bed.

Normally at this point I would go downstairs to be greeted by my mother and then I would have breakfast, whilst reading the Saturday papers. But on this occasion my parents were out for the weekend, so I had to take my energetic dog, Misty, for a walk, or W-A-L-K as my family likes to say because my dog can tell when we say walk.

There is a brook near my house where my mum takes the dog for walks and I decided that I would take the same route so the dog would not be confused. But my plan backfired on me, because my mum usually stops at a certain point on the walk and then turns back to go home, but I wanted to take Misty beyond that point and she just wouldn’t go. But after

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