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A Thosand Splendid Suns

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IB World School


Language and Literature

Unit 3

A thousand splendid suns

Written assignment

Chapter 52 (new chapter)


Chapter 52 (2018 – 15 years later)

The sun rising in the skies had lost its color. Grey shapeless clouds covered the skies above. ‘’Allah-u-akbar’’ said Laila as she stood up after the Namaz of dusk. Trembling noises came from the outside and faded away as the wind moved the windows. Tariq took off his shoes at the entrance as he stepped into the house. He looked worried and troubled about the damage that had been done. The orphanage had been nearly destroyed due to the bombs and shootings of the Taliban.

The innocence of the children and the flow of kindness had become the target of the cruelty brought out by the Taliban. No mercy was shown to those who disagreed or ran away. Even children had to pay the price of things they didn’t understand. Part of the orphanage had fallen apart and the only thing left behind was the bodies of the kids that tried escape and look for protection. A river of blood and a river of tears ran on the floor and were stopped by the unstable walls of the building.

Tariq was quite for a while and stood looking at Laila as she picked out her clothes. ‘’Khubi?’’ asked Tariq as he rested his back against the wall. ‘’Yes I’m okay. I am sure that god will help us through this’’ said Laila. He nodded his head and headed back to the entrance while Laila entered Aziza’s room. She caressed Aziza’s face with a kind touch and asked her to take care of the house while they were gone.

At four o’clock Laila and Tariq arrived at the Fatiha organized to pray for those who had been sacrificed and the poor children that were lost during the recent attacks that took place. The Akhund read the prayers as Laila and Tariq stood aside with others who came in opposition to the attacks and were present to share the moment of innocent loss with their own people. By the end of the prayers, Chai was served. As Tariq sipped the tea, he felt the warmth of tea bring strength and freshness to his body. The peaceful bodies of the kids were surrounded with beautiful Guls brought by the people and their souls were to rest in peace.Laila drank Chai as well and together they headed back to the house.

Mariam was sitting outside. Watching the cars pass by, birds play around and fly over her head, paid attention to the smell of the beautiful flowers planted around the neighborhood and the wind that touched her face every now and then like a passerby. Lost in thought, Mariam was called by her mother. ‘’Mariam jan, let’s go inside.’’ Said Laila. Like a switch, Mariam came back to reality and joined her parents inside.

The look in Laila’s eyes gave Mariam sadness and a downfall as Mariam was now old enough to understand the meaning of losing someone and war. The door was closed behind Mariam. ‘’Salam’’ said both of them to their children as they entered the house and the kids responded back with a ‘’salam’ as a sign of respect towards them. Aziza was handling the food in the kitchen while she was also gathering some sweets. Pouring in the beans, the vegetables, the herbs and the traditional seasoning, Aziza looked forward to making the traditional and favprite dish of the family, ‘’Aush’’.  Zalmai and Mariam helped with the dishes as Laila and Tariq changed their clothes and prepared for dinner.

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