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American History Depression

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Dear diary,

The great depression, the longest,deepest,and most pervasive depression in American history lasted from 1929-1939. Never shall I forgive the great depression that caused us losing all our crops that father was working really hard on. Without crops, we won’t be able to sell it and get money in order to buy food. I remember my dad was crying because of all the work was a loss. I never seen my father crying before in my life.

we haven’t ated in 2 days. Mother would tell me don’t worry I’m going get food . My mother works to a wealthy family as a maid. The wealthy family father was mental because of the money he had was gone. Never shall I forgive the great depression that caused my dad to die in sadness. Never shall I forgive my stepmother Bella for hitting on my mother telling her I’m hungry go get me food. My stepmother was yelling at my mother

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