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Analysis of Argument: “smog and Mirrors”

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Samantha Rae Martinez

Critical Thinking

James Hightower

Analysis of Argument: “Smog and Mirrors”

Analysis of “Smog and Mirrors” article by Spencer Reiss- published in Wired magazine-documents the current battle to diminish environmental pollution in Beijing, China, in preparation for the 2008 summer Olympics. In the article, Reiss has successfully depicted an imperial nation that had it not been for the Olympics, would have otherwise continued down the erosive spiral of global warming. In conclusion to the premise, Reiss paints a dim picture of China’s potential as a trendsetter in environmental reform.

Reiss argues that considering that China is a major contributor to the geocide epidemic, the 2008 summer Olympians may experience grim affects from the ever present haze of dust and toxic emissions in Beijing’s air. Although Reiss managed to present evidence that would otherwise seem sufficient to the novice reader, based on irrelevant information regarding a senior sport psychologist as an “Air Pollution Connoisseur”, implying him as professional and further arguments beginning with inductive indicator words, one might question the validity of the argument. Not that his claim is invalid due to subject matter, but rather that one should question the bias in the material retained for the article.

Nonetheless, the argument is convincing of his opinion. Not being an expert on the field of sports psychology, and not knowing whether or not air quality

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