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Analyze the Financial Performance of Sample Companies from Oil and Gas Marketing Sector Shown by Their Financial Reports

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Table of Contents


Executive Summary        


Chapter 1        


Background of Study        

Purpose of study        


Environment of Study        

Limitation of Study        

Chapter 2        

Literature Review        

Evaluation of Business Performance        

Financial Performance        

Factors playing Important Role in Financial Performance        


Importance of Dividend        

Retained Earnings        

Financial Statement        

Why Researcher selected Ratio Analysis?        



Ratio Analysis        

Which Ratios to be Considered        


Profitability Ratio        

Importance of Profitability Ratio        

Profit Margin        

Gross Profit Margin        

Net Profit Margin        

Return on Assets - ROA        

Return on Equity - ROE        

P/E Ratio        

Asset Turnover        

Share Price        

Determining Share Prices        


Chapter 3        

About Samples & KSE        


Sample Companies        

Pakistan State Oil        

Attock Petroleum Limited        

Sui Southern Gas Company        

Chapter 4        

Analysis & Findings        

Comparison – Share Price and TAT        

Comparison – Share Price and ROE        

Comparison – Share Price and ROA        

Comparison – Share Price and Gross Profit Margin        

Comparison – Share Price and Net Profit Margin        

Comparison – Share Price and Price to EPS        







This research report is dedicated to my loving parents and my respectable teachers, without their prayers

and guidance I was not able

to reach this stage.

Executive Summary

Do you want to invest in a Company by buying shares, and you are facing difficulties in selection of growing and financially strong companies. Definitely, you will eager to invest in such company which is financially strong. Instead of analyzing entire financial statements just by observing share prices of company you will be able to decide.

This is an effort by researchers to check and analyze that whether “Share Price Serves as a Barometer for Business Performance” or not. Research is based on the same analyses does price of share is signal of firm’s good financial condition and performance. This report is an introduction to considerable factors for research, limits, scope and methodology of study. In this report readers will find out about performance of business and how to evaluate its performance. Later on, comparison of share prices done with the selected ratios of sample companies which are Pakistan Sate oil, Sui Southern Gas Company and Attock Petroleum.

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