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Antigone and Mlk Comparison

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Antigone and Martin Luther King jr. have both suffered cruel and demeaning punishment and treatment for displaying their own belief and opinion on unjustness. Antigone fights the arbitrary and unlawful edict of the prideful King Creon while Martin Luther King fights for the racial bigotry of a harsh American generation. Although both Antigone and Martin Luther King fight for injustice, they both argue in very different stances. Antigone takes more of a bold role rather than king’s detailed and logical approach. Both Antigone and Martin Luther King jr. appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos in order to prove that “an unjust law is no law at all.”

Antigone and Martin Luther King both apply Logos into their speeches. In Antigone’s speech she uses many rhetorical devices including alliteration, metaphors, rhetorical questions. In her speech she portrays much boldness by blamelessly admitting to the fact that she buried her brother's body. In the line, “Of course I did it. It wasn’t Zeus, not in the least, who made this proclamation-not to me,” she both admits that she surely did bury her brother and that her thoughts and understanding on this is unfair. Also in the quote in line 3, “Nor did I think that your edict had such force that you, a mere mortal, could override the Gods,” explains that she believes the power of the Gods trumps the power of the moral king. Even more importantly she is not afraid to illustrate the care that she has to do the right thing." Who on earth alive in the midst of so much grief as I, could

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