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Arts - Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument

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Title: Chinese traditional musical instrument   A: Chinese crafts man

 There are about 12 instruments in the display case, nearly every one was made by simple string and something made with wood. They can only paly five scale, which is different from western instrument. But they still can express the emotion such as happiness, sad and so on fully. Especially it shows the life of people who live in countryside, just like my hometown. I like this picture, because I can hear my home here.

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Title: Bacino di San, venice.            A: Canaletto

In this picture, artist shows Venice scene with his eyes, thinking, and pen. We can find that water and boats were central to Venetian life. Furthermore, being on the water, below the blue sky, offered a welcome respite from Venice’s narrow crowded street and cramped house. Beautiful and peaceful. These are enough to be the reasons why I love it.

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Title: Little Goose Girl                   Artist: Rean-Francois Millet

Artist used the mixing of the tones of dark and light green to create a lush, peaceful surface. Some geese Waddle surround the bush and a girl sits in the left watching them quietly. Under the white clouds floating in the sky, there is some glass and a tree behind several grey house. My longing for life is in this picture.

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