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Be Ready to Fail - Critical Essay

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Teddi Rawles

English 110-14

B. Ruff

29 Oct. 2015

                                                Be Ready to Fail

        Bob Harris, author of The International Bank of Bob, shares a great message about who he is and how he became the person he is. Harris comes from an average background, and he happened to win the birth lottery. He was never rich or extraordinary, but was still handed a great life, and because of this, Harris wanted to help improve the lives of people who did not win the birth lottery. However, Harris never let his privilege get to him. He was still a genuine person, someone who really just wants to make a difference. Even with his simple speech, people can tell he is not some fancy rich guy trying to show off how great he is. He is down to earth and relatable, some wonderful qualities to have when trying to influence ordinary people to make a difference. Harris allows people to see a real life example of some nobody, make a global impact. Even though Harris did not stop poverty he has had a huge impact in helping alleviate poverty. Harris states that he would have never gotten this far without one saying, “Yes, and…”. He once learned in an improv class to just go with the flow. Never say no because it is difficult or not the original plan. Harris once accepted a job which included writing for a telenovela without any knowledge of speaking Spanish, but if he would have turned that opportunity down because it would have been too difficult he would not be the person he is today. Harris states during his speech, “Be ready to fail… screw your life up!”. Basically he does not think challenges or setbacks should prevent people from achieving different things in life. Stepping out of ones comfort zone will not only allow people new opportunities, but also creates a new mind set that does not allow people to limit themselves.

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