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Best Survey Method

COM 341

Module 3  Technical Description

I work with the government, and we conduct video telephone conferences (VTC) regularly. The VTC system is the group of devices that work together to allow us to communicate with another party anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The system is controlled through a digital screen that also allows us to change microphone setup, input phone numbers, adjust cameras and TVs, transmit/receive data, control who joins the conference, and most importantly ensure a secure conference.

The control screen is a tablet-like touch panel, 7” diagonally with black and gray borders, on the conference room table and has one physical button centered on the bottom panel. Wake up the device from sleep by tapping the screen or the physical button. The screen will provide you with two options; classified and unclassified VTC. An unclassified VTC requires no additional equipment, but to establish a classified connection both parties must have special keys that decrypt the data transmitted.

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