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Cambrian College’s Student Wellness

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TO: Wellness Committee of Cambrian College

FROM: Stephanie Lagrandeur, Student Representative

DATE: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

SUBJECT: Cambrian College’s Student Wellness

Cambrian College has always been dedicated to the health and wellness of their students. Recently, Cambrian has been looking for new ways to improve wellness for students. As the Student Representative for the Wellness Committee, I have been asked to assess what Cambrian College when it comes to wellness for students. I have done some research around Cambrian’s campus and on their website, and have found many services promoting student health and well-being including: Athletics Center and Varsity, Career Center, Dental Clinic, the Glenn Crombie Center, Medical Clinic, the Wadnobe Center for Aboriginal Services, and a Women’s Resource Center.

Athletics Center and Varsity

Cambrian College’s Athletics Center and Varsity offers many services to improve student’s overall health including: the Athletics Center, individual fitness assessments, team sports, individual sports, and fitness classes. The Athletics Center includes a 6000-square foot weight training facility, 3 squash courts, a double gymnasium, a cardio room, a functional training room, saunas, personal training, fitness programs and fitness evaluations. All of these services are free of charge to full time students with a valid student cards.

Career Center 
 The Career Center assists students with finding a job either on or off campus, helping balance student’s work with their studies, helping with writing resumes and cover letters. They offer an On-Campus Work Study Program. This program aide’s students to find a job on campus while pursuing their education. This program accommodates students with a flexible schedule that works around their classes, permitting them to focus of their education without getting overwhelmed with work. The Career Center also provides students with walk-in resume critique sessions available on Monday’s from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and on Friday’s from 9:00am to 11:00am, or by appointment. The service helps students manage stress and their financial obligations.

Dental Clinic
The Dental Clinic at Cambrian provides students with dental exams, whitening, x-rays, fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants, and athletic mouth guards all for a nominal annual rate of $25 per person. This service makes sure students can have a healthy smile at a low price.

The Glenn Crombie Center
The Glenn Crombie Center endorses success for all students and offers disability and counseling services that promotes wellness for students. Disability services includes: specialized orientation programs, personal care rooms, note taking and interpreter services, academic advising, and learning skills advisors. These services help students with disabilities manage their studies. Counseling services includes: personal support advising, academic advising, and career advising. These services are offered to every Cambrian student in need of advice or counseling and promotes mental well-being.

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