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Celebrities and Ordinary People

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Shan Zhang

Kate Bledsoe


4 Dec, 2017

Celebrities and Ordinary People

Can you imagine if you were a planet, would you be a star or the sun? If you were a star, you would be just a tiny point. You would stand with other stars and be ordinary. If you could be the sun, you would glow every day and be the most special one, but also be watched by others. People in our daily life are just like the sun and stars. Some want to be stars, and others want to be the sun. They are ordinary people and celebrities. Celebrities are glittery but always been watching. Ordinary people are similarly but free. The more you get, the more you loose. For example, if you could be a movies star, you would improve visibility but lost privacy. There are many kinds of celebrities, like movie stars, political celebrities and business celebrities. And there are three questions we should consider about the difference between celebrities and ordinary people.

First of all, do you need a private life? If you could be a movie star, you would have a lot of fans. They support you a lot and care about everything around you. These people watch your movies, shows, and your daily life. They know your family, your home address and even know the girl you have liked when you at school. So unfortunately, Everything about you is exposed by media. This includes your family, hobbies and even your little quirks. How horrible it is? In China, dozens of celebrities are prosecuted by paparazzi every year causing of privacy issues. On the other hand, if you are an ordinary person, you can keep your secret, leave something special for your family and your friends. You will not be noticed by most people in your whole life.You play some parts of the role, such as parents, children and working parents. Most of your times are belong to you yourself, friends and your family.

Secondly, which is more important for you, fame or security? To be a political celebrity, you will have an impact on people even in countries, for intense, presents need to play an exemplary role in front of the nationalities, but also make your own image among counties. Beyond your own, you will have not only supporters but also opponents. Some of the opponents will even do illegal things to hurt you. For instance, Martin Luther King, who is well-known to us as a freedom fighter for equality. That was a great influence. But he was murdered in 1968 by opponents. Movie stars and in business celebrities are likely to be oppused also such as Michael Jackson. As an ordinary person, you usually don’t have great influence on society, but you can influence the people and things around you. You will not have any supporters or opponents. Basically, no one is going to hurt you with purpose.

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