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Cellphones Are Indispensible Part

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Cellphones are indispensable part, in todays life. The usage very common among all kind of people. Tenn childrens is also regularly used. It will not be an exaggeration, my three yearl old son is regular consumer of my cellphone as he want to see some animated videos is youtube, everyday when i am at home.

In present scenario cellphone are very useful to students, and parents. Smart phone helps students to learn from the web. Most of the students seek help in smartphone for the submission of asignment and project reports. Also, it helps the parents to communicate in case of late to reach home.

Some people are misutilising the benefit of the cellphone, as some use this for seeing porn movies, chatting and texting during the class times. etc. The fact is on the usage, whether you are using for a good reason or wrong reason. It depends on the user. The discretrionary decision making capacity on the usage cellphone is very less among students as majority of them have been using it for wrong reasons,

Usage of cellphone during class hours can create, less morale, distraction, sound pollution and many more problem, It can cause for cheating in exam through text messages. Even though some people are argueing that, the cell phone should be allowed on the school , as it will be helpful during emergency so that their parents can directly call them. Some critics are opposing this, What they are going to do even if they know that, there is some emergency at home.

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