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Chain Stoes and Small Town America

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Does anyone remember when the local Harvey's was in business; Most of us in this room do not. This generation has always known Wal-mart. Chain stores have continued to grow throughout the years and "mom and pop" stores have suffered. Harvey's went out of business because of Wal-mart. The system that chain stores use is that at the beginning the have lower prices then local stores. Then when all the local stores go out of business that when the chain stores raise their prices, Wal- mart is infamous for this.

In the 1900's their where only 58 chain stores. Some popular stores back then are practically extinct now. Because of big chain store like Wal-mart and Home Depot. One popular store was A&P rarely found in the U.S., most of their stores are in Canada. JC Penny was also popular and is till going strong despite Wal-mart, and Woolworths is rarely found in the U.S. Most of the stores are located in The UK. As chains stores grew the popularity began to decrease. This began the anti chain store movement. Where activist engorged Shoppers to shop at local stores, instead of chain stores. They also wanted

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