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Cinema in Pakistan

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The revival and resurgence of cinema in Pakistan has led to a large number of individuals aspiring to become filmmakers. One such ambitious individual is Shams Pasha, who has for the past four years, made his mark through several notable films.

A student of BSC Accounting and Finance at LUMS and the Vice-President of the LUMS Media Arts Society, Pasha, developed a keen interest in videography when he was given a Sony Cyber-Shot Camera at the age of fifteen. The camera provided Pasha with an opportunity to channelize his creativity, and although, he does not have any formal training in the subject, he has been able to produce two feature-length films and countless short films. The most distinguished one being his feature-length film Mabel Aur Mein, a movie produced with a budget less than two thousand rupees. The movie went on to be nominated for the ARY Film Festival and was exhibited on TV morning shows of ARY and GEO. An article regarding the movie was also written in Huffington Post India, and it was screened both internationally (in Romania) and locally across universities and cinemas in Pakistan.

Someone with extreme composure, Pasha makes sure that he is organized and well-structured in every aspect of his life. Whether it be his neatly pressed clothes, alongside his deftly combed hair or his commitment to follow his schedule, Pasha is always systematic in his approach to life. “People often say I’m a robot, but that’s not it, I hate deviating from my schedule and like I everything to be pre-planned and structured,” said, Pasha. This aspect of Pasha's personality is reflected through most of his films, which make use of simple and straightforward angles and techniques to produce top quality videos.

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