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College Tuition

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Dear Colleges,

In my second semester of junior year, heading into senior year, I have realized that college is right around the corner. So this begs the question, which college am I moving on to and how much is it going to cost? At 100 percent of you are aware that your tuition is preposterous, your yearly tuition is at an average of twenty-three thousand dollars while in 1980 the average was three thousand, and that is after inflation calculations.

So I ask one question, do you want people to not go to college? In 2015, the total sum of student loans was around $1.3 trillion. This is over thirty-nine percent higher than it was just four years earlier, and student loans are, by far, the most prominent type of financial aid. These expenditures include a mortgage, investments, and more. These are all loans are for the purpose of living and having a career; with student loans they are for the purpose of gaining an education which may or may not get you a job. During the 2013 school year alone, about 10 million college students took out student loans, sixty-six percent higher than a decade previously. Fewer and fewer students are able to afford a post-high school education, which has little value to begin with. Why would I go to college when I could drop out like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Oprah and make billions of dollars?

Today, many college students plan on going to graduate school after college which adds on more student loans that the average person will have to pay thanks to you. College is outrageously priced now more than ever for all pre-college students and must be put to an end by colleges giving us money, colleges making all expensive substantially cheaper, or making college free. Instead of students paying thousands of dollars a year for tiresome, excruciating work, colleges should pay us. We, the students, supply the professors with jobs, get jobs that will benefit society, and make money so it will benefit the economy. In my opinion, it seems like a win-win situation. So what seems like the only thing holding you back is laziness and being selfish; all you greedy money loving colleges want is money. You sound like Mr. Krabs on a daily basis: “Money, money, money”. This single piece of paper cost on average $120,000 just so it can hang in your room while you search for jobs on your friend’s computer you borrowed because we can't afford one. We can't afford a computer because you are knee deep in something called student loans, but this could have all been avoided if colleges gave us money.

Not only does the student have to pay for the education, he or she must pay for housing, unless you want to be that loser that lives with his mother, food and water, entertainment, clothes, etc. Plus every student must pay for books, and you would think that these books would be a couple hundred dollars at the most. Well you are wrong, books cost on average a thousand one hundred sixteen dollars annually. I have not bought a book over thirty dollars and I’m not about to start now. I don't even think I have ever seen 1,116 dollars before. Can you please inform me why they are so expensive? We can’t beat China at intelligence, revenue, production, or education, but we can beat them at debt.

If college was free there would be fewer student loans which means that there would be less debt for the government. As I have stated above student loans

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