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Comp 1 - Living Comparison Paper

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Garrett Lucero

Kelly Payne

Comp. 1


Comparison Paper

        I have lived in Dallas, Texas and Olney, Illinois. Dallas and Olney are completely different from each other. Dallas is the largest city in Texas and Olney’s population is about the same population as the street I live on in Dallas. Living in a city is exciting and is filled with things to do, but I enjoy the freedom and life in the country. Living in the country is a different kind of exciting because I feel free and I enjoy the outdoors.

        While I was living in Dallas, I always had something to do or somewhere to be. If I was ever bored, I could call up a friend and something would always come up. I always had a friend close-by to do something with. There was not a boring day in the city. There is a lot of variety and excitement in the city. Walking down certain streets in Dallas is an adventure. In downtown Dallas, the skyline is beautiful and there are countless people and places to go to. These places are usually very expensive because it is in a major city. Big city living is very expensive and is not worth it. There are countless places to eat, and they are all delicious. There is a great variety in eateries from Chinese to American and from Mediterranean to Cajun. City living is also exciting because you can meet someone new every day. There are so many people in a big city like Dallas, but you must be careful because in a city like Dallas. The city life isn’t all great.

There are a lot of crooked people in a vastly populated area. Anything can happen in a big city. There is a higher chance of crime in a bigger city and in Dallas I see crime daily. Dallas is flooded with crooks and felons, and it is obviously affecting the city. There are a lot of police in Dallas, but not enough to stop everyone. Living in downtown Dallas is a great risk. I didn’t realize it until my uncle came up to me one day and said, “Make sure you lock all the doors, the windows, and the garage door too. Oh, and put the security alarm on after you lock the padlock on the front door.” This opened my mind to the amount of precautions he went through, although he lived in a nicer part of Dallas. After that day, I saw how unbelievably terrible people are in Dallas. I am a night owl and I often stay out until two or three in the morning. One night I saw several felonies occur within minutes of driving on the highway. The saying, “Nothing good happens after 2 A.M.” is very true in the city. The one thing that I can’t stand about living in a city is that you can’t see any stars because of the mass amounts of pollution. Although I love city living, I can’t get over the beauty of living in the country.

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